Some years ago, I use to walk at a Mall for health purposes, while there I shared the gospel with a number of people. I spoke to one person repeatedly, and it occurred to me that after learning the facts of the gospel, what she then needed was to learn more about Jesus. What was true about that one person is true about many.

She had heard about Jesus but she did not know Him, neither did she have a correct understanding about His integrity and character. Of course I gave her a bible, but I also wanted to place something into her hands that could explain the Jesus of the Bible to her.  I began writing a track to give out to people and that track turned into a chapter, and eventually twelve chapters and 180 pages.



Not having been properly schooled in writing, a person is faced with all the doubts and fears that accompany insecurity and a lack of self-confidence. This is not all bad as a Christian because God delights to use the weak things to confound the mighty, and foolish things to confound the wise, so that, He might rightfully receive all the glory.

However, at a human level all the fears are very real and only overcome by faith. The encouragement of others does help, as in my case when speaking to a representative from Thomas Nelson who asked me, “Why do you want to publish a book?” I thought for about a second and said, “Because a man who happened to be the Son of God died for me two thousand years ago, and I like every other true believer, do what I do because of the sacrifice He made for me then.”

A disciple of mine and good brother, when hearing of my doubts, in particular writing skills, said to me, “Joe writing is about thinking, the mistakes is why they have editors, and after three years I can say that you think well.” I am so thankful for all the encouragement that I have received over the years.



While on the road to Gethsemane Jesus stopped, looked heavenward, and prayed these words, “This is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” John 17:3. With these words in mind I began to write, THE JESUS YOU NEED TO KNOW.

The passion of every true believer in Jesus Christ is to know Him better. Having come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through repentance and faith, we then seek to know Him who descended to the level of the creature, lived a perfect, holy, and sinless life, suffered for our transgressions, and was raised from the grave, so that we might be justified in Him.

Without question all the high points in my life through experiences have been God working to make me see the Jesus of the Bible. It matters not that I saw Him best during the hard and most difficult circumstances; what matters most is that I saw Him.

The heartbeat of the redeemed is that others might see Jesus as we ourselves see Him. As we read the pages of scripture, we see Him high and lifted up. In THE JESUS YOU NEED TO KNOW, I have sought to explain the Biblical description of Jesus’s character.

We should consider the benevolence of a perfect and complete creator who need never create anything or anyone to be complete. A God who stepped out of eternity, where He was perfect and complete in love and righteousness, to give life to those He did not need. To know Jesus is to know that God.

We should consider the comfort and unselfishness that emanates from God the Son, who on the night He faced His own infinite and eternal wrath on sin from God the Father, He comforted His disciples. To know Jesus is to know that God.

I hope in reading these things you get the overall direction of this study. It is in knowing the true Jesus, the one unaltered by false prophets that a person can come to a saving knowledge of God.

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